Sunday, March 21, 2010

My "Job"

So right now, I am employed as a nanny. And I love it. I have so much fun with these kids, it's ridiculous.

This child in the sunglasses is Isla. She is 16 months old and enjoys wandering about, trying to steal my iPhone, and daying "YA? YA?" to everything. She is delightful.

The other day I accidentally locked her in her bedroom somehow. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how that happened. I didn't even know the door locked. I tried climbing in through the window. It did not work. I eventually picked the lock. And freed her. She didn't really care, she was sleeping.

The child on this playtoy is Simon. He is three years old, and enjoys trains, scooping trucks, and candy. He calls me "Cole" and says hilarious things on a daily basis.

Simon: "Cole, are you berry happy I am here?"

Me: "Yes, I am very happy."

Simon: "Are you a blub-blub?"

Me: "No, I think you might be a blub-blub."

Simon: "SILLY COLE! You are a blub-blub because the udder day you locked the door when Isla was sleeping in her room."

You accidentally lock a baby in a room ONCE and nobody ever lets you forget it. Come on, Simon. Let's move forward. Forgive and forget.