Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where do they get them?

I heard an ad on the radio yesterday advertising some kind of festival, and they said to come see all these forgettable items, and ended with ".... and exotic cars!"

What? Like from the jungle? Jungle cars? Or sultry cars, like exotic dancers?

I've never heard the term exotic cars before, but I think it's one I'll start using more.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nicole the Pawn Star

I think I'm going to open a pawn shop and make millions of dollars like the guys on Pawn Stars. Do you even watch it? IT'S THE BEST SHOW.

And old stuff is extra cool. Like a spoon Paul Revere made? And a button George Washington wore? And a flag that went to the moon? I never knew I liked old stuff til I saw Pawn Stars.

So in order to start Nicole the Pawn Star Shoppe, I'll have to start collecting extremely valuable, rare, old items. Does anyone have any kind of family heirloom or treasure they'd like to give me to get me started?

Once, on the show, someone actually brought in real treasure. From a treasure chest. That was found under water. REAL TREASURE. If anyone has any real treasure, to give me, that'd be cool. I'd even give you a 10% discount on one item of your choice in my shoppe.