Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's up, Blog Friendles

Dear Blog Friendles,

Currently, I do not have regular internet access, which is why I cannot blog. I tried blogging from my iPhone.... very slow with the 1-finger typing. Although I LOVE MY IPHONE, I do not love blogging on it. Too slow.

I am right now living with my friends, Baron and Cristina Miller. You may remember Cristina as my workout coach in blogs past. This is the same Cristina. Yes. She has made me do more workouts since I moved in with them. They have been torturous. For example, we did a workout that consisted of 100 squat thrusts, 150 squats, and 200 sit-ups. Yep. I did that.

I am scheduled to move into my new place August 1st. It is a waterfront sky condo. At least, that is what I am calling it. It's a studio that some of my friends rent out. It DOES overlook the water. It's not a condo, but "condo" fits with the words "waterfront" and "sky" better than "apartment," so I call it the waterfront sky condo.

Anyway, I will blog more often when I live in the WSC, because I will have internet access.

Some quick updates:

  1. Ricky the cat is living with some of my friends, the Warners. I get to see him because I nanny for them three days a week. He is very snuggley.
  2. I went to the zoo with my brother Ryan and it was awesome.
  3. I washed Snowy.