Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blowin up P-Town

I have not been blogging this week because I am blowing up Puyallup Washington with my awesome personality and presence.

Currently, I am at Willows Optical, bossing my mom around.


So far in Puyallup, Carolyn and I have worked out with the Biggest Loser, watched the Biggest Loser, thrown Froggie for Tucker 1,348 times, went shopping in Auburn with Lulabelle, played Scattergories, bought green shirts, and made dinner for my family. FUN FOREVER.

Tonight is our annual family night before Thanksgiving movie going. We are either seeing BOLT or Four Christmases. I'm in favor of Bolt because it is 3-D.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My favorite commercial.

I don't know what it has to do with the lottery, but I love it. My favorite moment is when the penguin flaps his wings a little.


test entry

I am testing to see if I have fixed the formatting of my blog.

I am not sure that I have.

But maybe I have.

I was having problems with spacing. Here's the real test:

I am the real test.

Ricky the Cat and His Ways

Sometimes Ricky the Cat just sits and looks at me.

For like a half hour.

And with his big E-collar on, it looks like there's a cat head in a big plastic bowl. Staring at me.

Friday, November 21, 2008

So I was tagged.

I don't totally get this game, but apparently RONNY RON RONNERSONS PAI "tagged" me which means that I have to choose a picture from one of my earliest blogs (?) and comment on it (?). I don't know if those are the real rules but that's what I'm going to do.

So here it is - the first picture posted on my first blogspot. And what a picture it is.

I would have put the picture under that last sentence, but for some reason I have been unable to move pictures when I blog anywhere but the very top of the blog entry. Sup annoying.

Anyway, something that is NOT annoying is that picture. Check out my face. That might be one of the top 5 moments of my life. My friends threw me a surprise party for my 23rd birthday and I was VERY SURPRISED.

Other contenders for top 5 moments of my life:

1) Walking into my surprise 21st birthday party, which had a BIRTHDAY THRONE

2) Walking into my surprise 17th birthday party, which was Harry Potter themed and my boyfriend dressed up as Hagrid

3) When I saw The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe for the first time in theaters. Jacson sat next to me and observe my joy. It was unparallelled.

4) When I got my car detailed yesterday.

5) The moment I walked into DisneyWorld with my family and Terre.

6) Today when I realized that they sell Almond Crescents at Target. They're my favorite holiday cookie.

7) All the Christmas mornings of my life (24 so far). Each of them is a contender, except for the year my mom bought all my brothers Nerf guns.

8) When I got medicine to make my stomach aches go away.

9) The first time I saw the International Fireworks Competition in Canada.

10) The moment I ate the first Cool Ranch Dorito after not being able to eat them the whole time I had braces. That was like four years. I went without the CRDs for ALL THOSE YEARS.

Well, now I get to tag someone. And I tag.... RICKY THE CAT.

Note: Ricky the Cat denied my tagging.


Speedy Wheels.... You mean Squeaky Clean Wheels?

I have been saving some money that my Grandpa gave me last spring for something special, something I really wanted.

I decided last week that I would spend $135 of it to get my car detailed.


I don't think that human language can express how happy I am that Speedy Wheels is clean. Like, you could only understand if you could see me do a happy dance.

I'm so happy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

World Vision: AIDS Experience

I went with my Rebound friends to visit the AIDS experience at Western's campus. It was intense.

You get this little iPod shuffle and headphones and then a narrator walks you through the life of a child whose life is impacted by AIDS. My kid's name was Emmanuel. He was adorable.

So his mom and his dad both died from AIDS during the experience, and his older brother (who was nine) had to take care of him. BECAUSE! Oh, this part made me mad. The boys had an aunt and after their mom died, they trekked over to their aunt's house.

Well, pardon my language but this aunt was kind of a bitch. She took all of their stuff (!) except two blankets, a knife, and a pot and sent them away, saying they had the "evil illness." I was seriously, seriously upset.

But the good news is that Fred made Emmanuel a little banana hut and then they survived.

It was an awesome experience.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Dress-up Dinner Fun

Here are some pictures from the Bible Study Bitches (my Bible study) Thanksgiving dinner.

Carolyn was mashed potatoes.

I was a pilgrim.

Here are all my friends. I love them a lot. Especially I love pilgrim hats. Also, look at Rachel.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I found it!

Rachel, I found what I'm getting you for Christmas. Finally, a noiseless alarm.

"Wake and Shake Alarm Clock wakes you but not your bedmate! The Wake & Shake Alarm Clock also known as the "Noiseless Alarm Clock" features a choice of loud tones, a flashing strobe and vibrating pad for under the pillow or mattress to shake you as a noiseless alarm when the alarm is activated."

Rachel's Alarm

Why am I awake so early during my week of sleeping in? Oh, a little thing called RACHEL'S RELENTLESS ALARM.

Rachel Rebekah Handysnacks, I am buying you an earbud alarm for your birthday. Or a vibrating pillow alarm.

Ideas for New, Noiseless Alarms for Rachel Handysnacks:
  1. Ear Bud Alarm
  2. Vibrating Pillow Alarm
  3. Bed that spills you onto the floor Alarm
  4. Strobe Light Alarm
  5. Get sprayed in the face with water Alarm
  6. I will train Ricky the Cat to run up and down her bed at the same time every morning

Well, those are my ideas.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Only 22 hours....

...until the next Biggest Loser episode is on.

I can't describe in words how much I love this show. Ron understands. Ron and I call each other after we watch it because we are so excited.

It inspires me, it makes me laugh, it makes me furious, it makes me joyful, it's the best thing ever.

For example, last week when the show started I felt EXCITED when it began because the opening song is awesome. Then I felt DISGUSTED when the mean Blue Team was happy that Phil had been sent home. Then I was SURPRISED that all the players who had been voted off came back! Then I was ANGRY that Icky Vicky made a mean comment about Phil. Then I was NERVOUS about the challege because Heba's husband was winning.... and then UPSET because he won! She show ended with me feeling VICTORIOUS because Amy voted off Icky Vicky's husband...yes!

So all in all, if you're not watching the Biggest Loser, YOU'RE a loser.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bumpit

Lynn and I have never enjoyed "tall bangs." Or when it looks like there is a wave on the top of someone's head.

Tall hair. High fashion. Silliness.

Well, I was watching my new favorite tv station "The N" which is a whole station devoted to "teenage" shows (like Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell). There was in infomercial on for the "Bumpit."

Something to intentionally make your hair tall.

I'm buying it for Lynn for Christmas.

You were thinking, "What should I get Nicole for Christmas?"

The great thing about me is that I like so many things. Here are some ideas for your Christmas list:

  1. Chocolate covered blueberries
  2. Ricky to have a normal tail
  3. All fun things

Friday, November 14, 2008

Possible Friends for Ricky the Cat

Noodle Cat:

Maru the Cat with an Addiction to Boxes:

Parking. Rage. The story.

So, I often feel rage when I come home to my apartment complex. Why? Because our parking is awful. Each apartment/townhouse only has one assigned spot and each apartment/townhouse tenant has 2 cars. (Well, most, I assume). There are like 6 extra spots, but they are always ALWAYS taken.

So I often have to park on the road outside our apartment complex, which is cold and windy and annoying. And it incites rage.
Well, I thought THAT was bad.

We got a notice last week that they were doing some "parking lot repairs" and that NO ONE in our apartments were going to be able to park in the parking lot AT ALL from Thursday until Sunday night. 4 DAYS. We ALL had to park on the road.

So I thought that would be pretty annoying, but at least I was prepared.


I came home last night at about 9pm, and then I tried to find a parking spot on the street. Something I obviously didn't realize is that 25,000 people and their cars must live in our apartment complex, because on all of 32nd street there was NOT ONE AVAILABLE SPOT. I could park anywhere along the road and it was absolutely 100% solidly lined with vehicles.

After driving up and down the entire mile of a road for 10 minutes, I finally found 1/2 a spot. Meaning one half was available, legit sidewalk parking and the other half was yellow-lined, no parking zone.

I had no choice! I had to allow half of Speedy Wheels to break the law. I had to chance the ticket.

Also, I had to walk about 7 blocks to get to my house. I had to walk past 4 apartment complexes. Not apartment buildings, complexes. It took like an hour. (or 8 minutes)
And 2 different cars with creepy men driving them honked and yelled at me as I was walking along the sidewalk.

All in all, a very enraging experience.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Doing boot camp with Cristina has had some fairly AWESOME results, including but not limited to:

  • My waist went from 37.75 inches to 30 inches - a difference of almost 8 inches! In just my waist!

  • For my whole body, I lost 16.5 inches.


  • Sit-ups in 1 minute went from 22 to 40 - a difference of 18

  • Push-ups in 1 minute went from 13 to 43 - a difference of 30


  • I lost a total of 10.8 pounds!
I have now decided to abandon my current career aspirations in order to become a professional athlete. Just kidding.

But I could.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

List of the Day November 11th

What I Like About Hooded Sweatshirts
  1. They are warm

  2. They are cozy

  3. There is rarely a time in Washington State when you can't wear them

  4. You can have them printed with things you like on them, like "Readers Make Better Lovers" or "Ricky's Mom"

  5. Kelly Walden wore them as a daily uniform from 9th - 11th grade

  6. They keep out the cold

  7. When they are new, they are fluffy on the inside

  8. I look awesome when I wear them

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kelly W. This message is for you.

I have a canker sore in my mouth.

Your stupid "5K for Herpes" did not solve my problem. It created it.

I have herpes. I blame you and your boyfriend.

** Also, I blame you for the horrifying experience I had when I looked up "herpes" on google image. I got a lot of images of congenital herpes and now I am mentally damaged.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This is why you do nice things

So I stopped by Jack and the Box to get lunch because it's my day off my eating plan. And I thought to myself, "My friend Carolyn would like a Pumpkin milkshake. I think I will get her one as a surprise because I am so nice."

So I ordered her a Pumpkin milkshake along with my "fajita pita" and came to the window, where the frazzled woman said, "Did you order Eggnog or Pumpkin for your milkshake?" I said Pumpkin and then she said,

"Well, we made this one eggnog on accident. We're just going to throw it away, so would you like to have this eggnog one too because it's your favorite flavor in the entire world and you haven't even had eggnog in a whole year and you salivate when you see it at the store but never buy it?"**

**wording may have been adjusted and added to

So I got an eggnog milkshake with my lunch and it was the best thing ever.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today, I drove Rachel to the post office to drop off her ballot. It was very Election Day-ey.

Then we stopped at Starbucks and got voting coffee for free. And we called it Obama Coffee.

And when we were driving home, the Yes We Can song was on the RADIO!!! I got a little misty. It was like we were in a movie about election day.


I dunno what to write about today

I wonder what my loyal readers want to hear about.

Here are some options:
  1. Commercials I have memorized
  2. Things I do in bed before I go to sleep (that are not sexual, sickos)
  3. My favorite gameshows
  4. Ricky the Cat
  5. Nicknames I have for people
  6. Songs I sing while in the shower

What do you want to read about?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Inopportune friendship time

Ricky the Cat believes that the toilet is a special chair that people sit on when they want to pet cats.

He has recently decided that whenever I pee, he needs to jump up onto my lap and meow. In my face.