Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Special Time

My friend Kristin LOVES the Newsboys. They are a Christian rock band and they've been around since forever. She invited Carolyn and I to attend a concert with her for her birthday.

While neither Carolyn nor I are fans of the group, we agreed to go because Kristin WAS SO INSANELY EXCITED and it was her birthday.

Private information, not to be shared with people that might judge me on a Nerdiness Scale: I really enjoyed the concert.

First of all, I used to love Christian music (before I got to be the cool person that I am now). So I knew all the songs.

Second of all, I challenged myself to be the most OUT OF CONTROL FAN at the concert. So there was much dancing and screaming on my part.

Third of all, the drummer was on this special stand in the back and he was amazing and then the special stand lifted up and started spinning around. I can't explain how excited I was. Is there a video of it on YouTube?


But it was way cooler yesterday because there was smoke and instead of seeing it on a movie I saw it in real life.

At heart, I am a Christian music-liking nerd.


A-Love said...

I saw them once in concert with the same spinning drum thing. It was SUPER COOL!!!

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

I am with Kristin, Newsboys are one of my favorite Christian bands and this drum solo makes them that much cooler in my book (as does the fo-hawk the drummer was sporting). However, I also get Christian-banded out very easily. Why is it that Christian radio stations don't play U2? Cameron and I were discussing this the other day.

Anonymous said...

Dont you think drummers are the coolest most awesome dudes EVER!! I do.