Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Two things are all you need to know about my life right now:

1) I have been very busy with camp and FC and all the working that I do.

2) They started selling MY FAVORITE GRANOLA BARS IN THE WORLD again at Fred Meyer. Unfortunately, they can only be purchased in a multi-pack of 10 granola bars, only 2 of which are my favorite kind. So I have to buy these big packs just to get 2 of my favorites.

Favorite Granola Bar: "Food Club" Chewy Apple Berry

It is an off-brand generic that has no web site (I just checked) so I can't provide a picture. However, it is the most delicious granola bar ever made. They used to sell them in boxes of just 10 Apple Berries (glorious day!) but then they stopped inexplicably a few years ago. Until today when I was at Fred Meyer and I saw the Multi-Packs.

If anyone would like to arrange a 80%-20% payment agreement for these granola bars with me, that would be great. You pay 80% and get the rest of the bars, and I pay my 20 percent for my 2 bars.

Actually, it should be more like 85-15, because it was my smart idea.

Let me know if you're interested.

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Anonymous said...

I like Rainbow Jolly Ranchers