Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OMG I am practically related to Harry Potter

I have been marginally obsessed with my ancestry lately, ever since Steven introduced me to And do you know what I discovered today?

I am distantly related to someone named HEDWIG RADEN.

Hedwig! Did you read that? HEDWIG!


KJW said...

You know how you can turn your head 180 degrees? You probably got that gene from Hedwig.

All the pieces are falling together as if it were an ancestry mystery novel!

me said...

I love owls... and dissecting their pellets.

RandaNusia said...

I don't like Harry Potter .... ;/

Charly said...

Owls are such beautiful creatures. There are some Videos on youtube, where you can see how they enjoy being strocked. :) It's amazingly cute!