Friday, October 31, 2008

Book Report: The Mouse and the Motorcycle

So I like to read young adult fiction before I go to bed. I used to read regular, grown-up books before bed but they gave me too many nightmares. So now I only read regular books during the day.

Nicole Raden
Book Report

Author: Beverly Cleary

Where I Got This Book: In a free box outside of the used book store. I saw it and I thought "I've never read this. That might be fun." So I picked it up.

Nicole's Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Favorite thing about book: How the boy can talk to the mouse. I wish I could talk to animals.

Second favorite thing about the book: Beverly Cleary's writing style. Sometimes it's fun to read kids books because of the way the words flow together. It's like lemonade for your brain.

Worst thing about the book: The plot. It plugged along and then it was over. Someone on said "This is the most comical, action-pack story I have ever read." This person needs to get a brain check and also read more.

Worst thing about right now: There is a genital warts commercial on TV and it is disturbing my book report.

Character Analysis: Ralph the Mouse is the main character. If he were real and he lived in Bellingham, he would need to go to Ray of Hope Summer Camp. He is kind of a brat. And by "kind of" I mean, he's a major brat that I don't really like.

I think that Ralph may be lonely and suffer a little from ennui, or prolonged boredom. His mom-mouse is always fretting and doesn't supervise her son very well. So it's not totally his fault he's a brat, but he still bugged me.

Who would I recommend this book to? Maybe a Ray of Hope kid. Maybe my brother Kyle. Or Ryan. But I would recommend other books first. Like the one I'm writing, The Life and Times of a Real American Hero: Nicole Raden.

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KJW said...

My fav thing about MATM was the ping pong ball helmet.

You should wear a ping pong ball helmet and ask Ghetto Pig to hit you with a hefty stick to see if the ping pong ball helmet protects your brain.