Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Unveiling

Rachel and I witnessed a historic event. The unveiling of the C. X. Larrabee bust in Fairhaven.

Who is C. X. Larrabee? one might ask. How did you happen across such an exciting event? Well, I shall tell you.

On Saturday, October 18th, Rachel and I decided to go to coffee at a new coffee shop, the Rustic. It is in downtown Fairhaven. As we entered, we noticed a peculiar lump on a concrete block that was shrouded by a red fleece blanket and a bungee cord.

Little did we know, that peculiar lump held the UNSEEN BUST OF C.X. LARRABEE!

We went inside the Rustic and read for awhile, until Rachel said to me, "Nicole, what does that sign say?" It was a hand drawn sign taped to the wall that said: "Wear your bowler hat! The great unveiling of the C. X. Larrabee bust will take place on Saturday, October 18th at 3:00pm."

It was 3:02pm. We looked outside and there they were, C. X. Larrabee fans. It was happening right now!

It was a lot like a Justin Timberlake concert, except instead of 2,500 people there were about 16. And instead of screaming fans that would sell their families to get to touch Justin Timberlake's napkin, there was a silent group of octogenarians that probably knew C. X. Larrabee personally. And some of them were wearing bowler hats.

And instead of music, there was an old man with a microphone giving an oral biography about Mr. Larrabee.
So that's what I did on Saturday. So far, my 24th year is blasting all my other years out of the water.

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Man of Many Thoughts said...

I think we should make bowler hats part of the NCC/RCC motto. "In, For, and With the Community in Bowler hats.