Saturday, December 5, 2009

Creating the Christmas Empire Phase 4A: The Window

I decided to decorate our front window.

It was much harder than I had anticipated.

First of all, my window cling "Believe" is much smaller compared to my window than it looked in the store. So it couldn't go across the middle because the window pane is all thick and it would look chopped in half. So I had to put it on one side. But then it looks lopsided.

And if THAT wasn't stressful enough, when I put up the lights I made them droopy - thinking that it'd be Christmas Empire-y - and it just made it look DUMB-O.

I don't like it so far.

More work needs to be done on this window. That is why this is just Phase 4A.

1 comment:

Alison said...

Phase 4B should be cutting out snowflakes and putting them in the squares of your window - so fun...

I wish you would come to portland and make my house a christmas empire. we have zero christmas decorations up so far this year...

miss you friend.