Friday, December 4, 2009

I don't know why...

but I've been having super bizarre dreams lately.

For example, I dreamed the other day that I was a teenage mouse living in a WW2 internment camp. We were trying to steal food by switching nametags. I don't know how that worked, but it made sense in the dream.

And last night, I dreamed that I had accidentally brushed my teeth with Chuck Diesel's toothbrush and I was SO GROSSED OUT. I almost lost my mind.


Anonymous said...

by the way you left your toothbrush at the house when you left.... so maybe you should get a new one since it has been a week! Then when you get the wooly sweaters of your teeth from not brushing them you will stop dreaming about dad's super duper toothbrush! Oh and by the way the mouse dream wasnt a dream that really happened

Anonymous said...

I think your mom may be losing her marbles as I don't think that could really happen.

Morgan said...

I have a 2 part comment:

Part 1 - Do you brush your teeth in the morning now? Because you should.

Part 2 - I think about you almost every day when I brush my teeth because we are in the desert and need to save water so the tap is never running when I spit and then I think of how much that grosses you out.