Monday, February 22, 2010

I think being an Olympic fan should be an Olympic sport

Because I would get the gold medal.

And if I had a gold medal, I would hang it in my living room.

And I would gaze at it all the time and think about the Olympics. Then I would invite other Olympic gold medalists over to my house so we could shine our gold medals together.

Unfortunately, being an Olympic fan is NOT a current Olympic sport. So if I want a gold medal, I'm going to have to find another sport to excel in.

Perhaps bobsled. I could be one of those people that just hunker down and ride in the bobsled. I would be very good at that. Where do I start training? The next Olympics is in Russia. Russia could be cool.

Look for me in the 2014 Games. Bobsled Rider.

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Mark said...

feel the rhythm.