Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cities and Sex

My night was very awesome for many reasons.
  1. Shannon came over and she hasn't seen my apartment before.

  2. We went out to eat because it's my day off from my healthy-eating-plan.

  3. We went out to Mambo Italiano

  4. They said they couldn't seat us for 25-30 minutes at M.I., but then while we were deciding if we should leave, they came back out and said they could seat us NOW.

  5. I had a Mambo chocolate extraveganza drink and it was amazing.

  6. Shannon and I split a tortellini - which was much, much, MUCH more delicious than I had expected.

  7. We got Jelly Bellies at Fred Meyer after eating dinner.

  8. We went back to my house and watched the Sex and The City movie.

  9. I gave Ricky his medicine and Shannon was impressed at how I shoved the pill down histhroat. (It is quite impressive.)

All in all, I give this Saturday night an A.

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and this day is recognized by MANY as a holiday. No wonder you had such a good day.