Thursday, September 25, 2008


Direct quote from the vet:

"Ricky is a special cat with special problems."

Ricky bit his own tail. Why, why why why, why? Because he's special. Ricky had to have tail surgery because he bit his own tail and it created an abscess.

Then, it was supposed to recover, but he kept biting at and re-injuring it, even with his special cone on, and so he had to go back in AGAIN today, be drained again, and get a bigger, more ridiculous looking cone around his neck.

Ricky is a very special, expensive cat.


flanhoodles said...

remember how you adopted ricky the cat because he was going to be easier than a dog? it's kind of like when we adopted you into the barn.

KJW said...

It's almost as if Jodi picked him out.