Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sometimes people think I'm funny. It's normal. I can be funny. And then there are people that think I am out-of-control-funny. Like they giggle when they look at me.

One of the ladies that I am doing boot camp with just thinks I'm funny all the time. The other day, we were doing sit ups and she started chuckling.

"What's funny?" I asked, thinking that there is absolutely not one thing that is funny about doing 50 sit-ups without a break.

"Oh, just you." she answered.

I paused. I hadn't even spoken in like 13 minutes.

"I wasn't saying anything," I replied.

"Oh, I was just remembering something you said earlier." ::eruptious laughter::

I just must tickle her funny bone. I don't intentionally try to be funny, by the way. In fact, I probably wouldn't even notice the funniness if people didn't point it out all the time. I think that my house growing up was like a boot camp for funniness.

My brother is way funnier than I am. Just imagine if I brought my brother to my workout sessions. No, actually, that's weird. Super weird. Never mind. But you see what I'm saying.

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