Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cherry Cough Drops

...are not the best flavor, but it doesn't matter because I can't taste any way. Here are the things I have purchased because I am mad at my cold:

Cherry cough drops

Zinc tablets

Vitamin C tablets

Sudafed multi-symptom SEVERE cold medicine

Orange juice

2 boxes of tissues

Hand soap (to wash my hands comstantly so I never get sick again)

I am so mad about being sick I can't even explain it in words. I could try an analogy:

This cold:me::happy puppies:Cruella de Vil

Or maybe a poem:
This cold makes me want to scream
And punch and kick and pout
I keep getting sick all the time
Don't know what that's about

Being sick totally sucks
Especially because it ruined snow day fun


A-Love said...

your cold must be really bad because i have never had a cold that overpowered the nasty horrible most aweful taste in the world, that is the cherry "flavored" cough drop.

Anonymous said...

You must be high on grandpappy's cough syrup again. Are you talking about cruella de ville in the beginning of the movie or the end? B/c if you mean the beginning then your analogy is written wrong. you are like the puppies, not like cruella de ville. b/c if you were like cruella de ville you would be kicking this cold's ass. but you're not. so you are the puppies, not the mean lady. unless of course you're saying that the happy puppies kicked cruella de ville's ass which means you are referring to the end of the movie. please be more clear in your analogies. or write better analogies. -tim
PS i can't believe blue team kicked off dane. stupid people.