Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Items in this room

  • Ricky
  • Rachel
  • A lion rug
  • VHS version of "Three Men and a Baby"
  • My rain boots
  • A purple scarf Rachel crocheted for me
  • A large bin of wrapping paper
  • Color Wonder coloring book
  • A cat toy I made for Ricky out of a sock and a stick
  • Valentines
  • Three empty glasses
  • No, four
  • Spot Shot carpet cleaner
  • Wall hangings that say "LIVE LAUGH LOVE"
  • Candle
  • Rachel's cell phone
  • A wolverine

*Note: one of the above answers is a lie.


A-Love said...

Wolverine. There is not a wolverine in your livingroom. Unless you are talking about Rachel. Or one of her homeschool shirts.

Rachel said...

Hahaha forever. It was in fact my pet baby wolverine.

D.I. Zzo said...

No rain boots. That would be too wacky.