Friday, February 27, 2009

Papason, Little D, and Smelly Kelly

I have lot of nicknames for people in my life. I was thinking about that today after I referred to my roommate as Handysnacks on front of someone who didn't know her. They seemed a little confused. I refer to many things by words I make up and I don't usually stop to consider whether or not people can understand me.

Some other nicknames are as follows:

Rachel Handy (roommate): mainly I call her Handysnacks, although I mix it up with Rachie Roo, Homeschool, and Shredder

Mom: Mamazon (main), Lulabelle

Dad: Papa Bear (main), Papazon, Chuck Diesel, Cranky Curls, Posh, Chappy

Kyle (brother): Kyky the Clown, Lil Kykes, Scooter

Carolyn (HLP): Caroola, Boodle Sandwich

Kelly (lifetime bf): KellBell, Smelly Kelly, Fuzzy Bear

I have lots of other nicknames but it's hard to type so long on my iPod. Maybe I should think of a nickname for my iPod.


flanhoodles said...

if you ever call ghetto pig 'boodle sandwich' in front of me, i will punch you in the face.

Nicole Kristine said...

dear Lynn,

If I recall correctly, you referred to me as 'schnoodley bear' last time I called you. Doesn't seem like a far cry from Boodle Sandwich.

Rachel said...

No name you come up with for your ipod will be as good of a name as The Shit is. The Shit kicks ass.