Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day in the Life

Ricky's Daily Schedule
7:30 - Begin stalking in Nicole and Rachel's bedroom. Stare until one of them opens their eyes.
7:45 - Begin "meowing" routine. (Resembles quacking noises.)
7:48 - Weave in front of Nicole's feet while she tries to go down the stairs.
7:50 - Breakfast. Stop "meowing."
7:51 - After one bite of food, run into the living room while Nicole puts on her shoes and get in her way.
7:52 - Continue to breakfast area. Bat water bowl around and splash it on the ground. Nap.
9:10 - Hear Nicole's car back from workout, sprint to greet her at the door. Meow and stand on your hind legs until she picks you up.
9:15 - Sit in the bathroom while Nicole takes her shower. Try to jump in between the shower curtain and liner. Follow her around.
9:50 - Run to the door to see Nicole off again.
9:52-6:30pm - Secretly eat high-calorie foods and nap.
6:30 - Race to the door to meet Nicole or Rachel. Start meow/quacking until they feed you dinner.
Evening Activities: Play with Arby's toy. Lay inappropriately spread-eagle on my back.
11:00 - Follow girls to bed. Poop in litter box while they're brushing ther teeth.
12:00 - 5:00am - Sleep on Rachel's pillow. Claw affectionately at Rachel's scalp.


Anonymous said...

Ricky is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw Ricky at the grocery store in the cat candy aisle? Can he drive? Does he have a job you don't know about during the day, or do you give him an allowance?

Perhaps a cat survelience camera should be worked into the budget. You know there is a man who put a camera on his cat and made a documentary about his cats daily routine.

That man is rich now.

Just a thought.....