Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some Things In My Room

A poster Krizzly made me, with pictures of me and Rebound kids

A desk


A fancy alarm clock

A life-size cut out of PeeWee Hermen

A Snowy Bear

A cup

My vitamin C tablets

Eleven journals

Which one of the above items is a LIE?


Ashley said...

A life size cut out of PeeWee Herman.

Unless you are referring to a cup as in the thing jocks wear to protect their dingles. Then I vote for that one.

Nicole Kristine said...


Woman of Many Thoughts said...

You have a life sized cut out of PeeWee Herman? That's awesome!

Nicole Kristine said...

Okay the real answer is a life size cut out of Pee Wee Herman.

But I tricked Ashley!

Anonymous said...

I believe the life size cut out of PeeWee Herman is a lie because we all know that the real PeeWee Herman has been living with Nicole and Rachel for several months now. PeeWee is what Ricky wanted for his birthday because he loves watching PeeWees Playhouse on tv when Nicole and Rachel are at work.