Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Costumes from My Life

6 weeks old: Elephant

Ages 1,2, & 3: Pumpkin

Ages 4 & 5: Princess

Age 6: Cowgirl

Age 7: Hawaiian Hula Dancer

Age 8: Japanese woman

Age 9: Betty Rubble (from the Flintstones, my brothers as Barney and Bam-Bam)

Age 10: Seahawks Cheerleader

Age 11: Rag Doll

Age 12: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Age 13: Clown

Age 14: Snow White

Age 15 - 19: Nothing that I can recall

Age 20: Fairy

Age 21: Fanta Girl

Age 22: Louse (a single lice)

Age 23: Carolyn Hann's Middle School Best Friend, Tiffany (punk)

Age 24: Rachel Handy, Roller Dancer

Age 25: TBA . . . .


KJW said...

At age 20, you were a fairy or something. You came to my house. I was a Christmas tree.

Ashley said...

You WERE something age 22, but I don't remember. Also, how in the h did I miss that you were Rachel Handy, Roller Dancer last year? Pictures please!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, You forgot that you were one of the Flintstones! Betty or Wilma. Year?


Alison said...

I also believe that one year (maybe our senior year of college) you were a louse ... at the lily pad halloween party? isn't this true? or was that someone else...

looks like you have some filling in to do for those 15-21 years.

Ashley said...

Alison wins! Thats what you were age 22! How could I forget that!?

Ashley said...

Halloween friendship similarity: age 9 I was Wilma and my brother was Fred from the Flinstones. Together, we could have run our own show.