Sunday, October 4, 2009

So I Fainted at the Nightlight...

Yesterday there was a benefit at a bar called the Nightlight. It was a benefit for DVSAS. Very cool.

The benefit was organized as a "Beauty Bar" which meant that 10 different salons/masseuses/places like that things were there and giving 1 free service to anyone who paid the $10 donation cover fee.

Fun, fun, fun. Right? Wrong. Keep reading.

Carolyn, Jodi, and I all chose which service we wanted. I chose massage. We made our appointments for 10:15 and then went to get a drink. I had one Lemon Drop. Not even a shaker, just about 6 oz of a Lemon Drop.

Then it was time for our appointments. Lalala, I am paired with this masseuse named Amber and she was really good. It was the type of massage in a chair with a face-holder. Very nice.

I was all relaxed and happy, and then I suddenly started to feel weird. My hands got all clammy and I felt heavy. Then I lifted my head and said something to the effect of, "Uhmhmm, I don't feel good."

Blackness. Gone. Fainted. Fell right out of the chair. Onto the floor. In the middle of like 300 people.

I woke up right away and they helped move me to a less crowded area. I wanted to keep laying down. A man came who used to be an EMT and he asked me 20 million questions. Luckily, Carolyn was there and could let the people know that no, I did not have alcohol poisoning, I had only had one drink.

The EMT man asked the masseuse if she had been massaging my neck right before I fainted, which she had been. Apparently there is a "vagus nerve" in necks and if it is pressed on and someone has vasovagal syncope, it can cause fainting. Alcohol and stress could contribute to the likelihood of a fainting episode.

I went home and cried because I was so embarrassed. I also have felt pretty sick ever since that happened, like I usually do after I faint.

I have been fainting and nearly fainting more often lately.... Luckily I'm going to the doctor on Thursday.

I think I have vasovagal syncope.


Jen said...

saw your link on facebook. awwww, that's SO lame that you fainted, esp during your massage!!! :( i'm glad you were ok!!

Morgan said...

I started reading this thinking that it was Lynn's blog. I thought, "Oh, Lynn fainted, nothing new. That's fun that she is in Bellingham."

Then I realized it was my dear little Nicole. I am sorry friend.

P.S. Are you coming to Egypt with us?