Monday, October 5, 2009

Other Times I Have Fainted

1) In fifth grade, I passed out when I jabbed a pencil into my hand.

2) I laid in the sun on Mothers Day circa 1998 and when I came inside, I sat on a bar stool to eat dinner. Then I passed out and fell off the bar stool onto the ground.

3) I passed out in the hallway of my dorm room 3 times in one night while I was trying to make my way to the bathroom. (KJW, do you remember that? When I came back into the room I made you take care of me.)

4) I fainted when I had a mole removed freshman year of college.

5) I fainted when I was with my friend Melissa in high school and she was getting her belly button pierced. The piercer man said I was the first person to pass out who was NOT getting something pierced.

6) I pass out every time I get a shot. or have blood drawn This encompasses probably 15-20 times.

7) I fainted right before I had my wisdom teeth removed. When I woke up, I thought they were hanging me from the ceiling and I screamed.

8) I fainted in junior high when I had food poisoning at my friend Halli's house. Also, when I fainted I was in the bathroom and I hit my head on the wall AND the toilet.

9) I passed out the other day at the Nightlight after I got a massage. (See previous post.)

Hm. I knew I've passed out a lot, but it just seems like more than I thought after typing that all out. Maybe I should start wearing a helmet.

Or maybe I could wear Ricky around my shoulders like a protective neck-wrap and his fat belly would protect my head from falls.

All good ideas.


KJW said...

H yeah I remember. I also remember the fish corpse.

Morgan said...

I think you forgot to mention the time you were taking a bowl of throw up to the bathroom at the Barn and fainted en route. Then I thought that Becca hated me because she started the laundry at 4am - turns out she was just washing throw-uppy rugs.

Anonymous said...

Good golly miss molly!!! Maybe after, lets say, THE 10TH TIME you would want to go ask the doctor if there may be something causing this?? Just a thought.


flanhoodles said...

I was just going to remind you of the most traumatic of all your least most traumatic for me.

K-Rafferty!!! said...

Wow, wow. Very traumatic list. But I do remember hearing about #4 right after it well #6 when you had your blood tested for your thyroid.

You should always wear a helmet.

Cameron Garcia said...

Kind of reminds me of these...