Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The amputee is home.

So Ricky the Cat had his tail amputated. Do you know how much it costs to have a cat's tail amputated? One million dollars.

Ricky better have a seriously amazing purpose in my life.

Also, I was expecting his tail stump to look weird - and I was right. But what I was not expecting was for them to have shaved his entire butt area.

So now he has no tail AND his butt looks like a chicken.

I'm such a proud pet owner. If only everyone could be as lucky as I.

Oh, and to top off the wonderful experience of a cat surgery, Ricky peed in his carrier when we were driving him home.



flanhoodles said...

picture please. i need to decide which photo to put on your crew neck sweatshirt.

tim said...

Oh, nickers, if you only cat, bode fatcat once pooped and peed on the way home from the vet. on the backseat. no, he was not in a carrier, because he is too big for a standard size cat carrier. it took like 2 years to get the smell out. seriously.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ricky was making a statement of how he felt about the whole "cutting off my tail" experience. He may have some attitude for a while.


Man of Many Thoughts said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....unfortunately for you I don't think Ricky would be smart enough to some how save your life.

That sounded terrible.

But Ricky ticky is sort of dumb. He is kind of like a dog in a cat's body.

Maybe that is why he acts so weird...