Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Derek!

Derek Charles Jobe, my babyest of my baby brothers, turned sixteen on Saturday. SIXTEEN.
Happy 16th Birthday, Little D.


KJW said...

Now that D can drive, I will make him transport us to 4-player chess tournaments (like, 2 people on each side), and we will slaughter the opposition. You watch.

Oh, oh! Remember when D backed my car out of your driveway? That was so mature of him.

KJW said...

ALSO, NicUnCool, the first conversation I ever remember us having was where you told me about a dream where tiny Derek Jobe was throwing poisonous cupcakes at you. Or muffins. Maybe they were poisonous muffins. Anyway, he was, like, 5 in that dream, because was 5 at that time. Crasy.