Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sporcle! Sporcle! Sp-sp-sp sporcle!

For Ryan!

For Morgan!

For Kelly!

For Lynn!

For Carolyn!

For Baron!

For Jodi!

For Kyle!

For Derek!

For Mom!

For Chuck Diesel!

For Rachel!


ronpai2 said...

whatever dude.

ronpai2 said...

whatever dude.

Jodi Christ Superstar said...

That made my day! It was incredibly difficult too. Some of the items in that song are hard to spell ... I blame that for being the reason that I didn't even get 50% correct. Its alot easier to sing along when at 80's night, when making our video for the song, or when the words come up on a Karaoke screen right in front of you. Kudos Nicole.

Morgan said...

Thanks Nicole!
I got 49 / 188 with some help from Tommy. Cheers!