Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bored? Try this.

When I am bored, I often go to YouTube and type in "me singing" and various songs. The results are hilarious and immediately solve the problem of boredom.

What you want to look for is middle/high schoolers who are

a) dressed in dark and wearing their hoods or

b) singing dramatic songs or

d) have disclamers about their performance (ie "OMG my hair was still wet from the shower and I had a sore throat so plz comment nicely but be honest. not my best song, but it's one of the hardest to sing.)

I encourage you to try and see what you find. I am also accepting requests for what you would like me to video myself singing so I can post it on YouTube.


ronpai2 said...


this is why we are great friends. i do this A LOT! it makes me laugh and feel good about myself at the same time! win-win.

Anonymous said...

I think you should sing a christmas song with your own lyrics. Your such an original talent.


Woman of Many Thoughts said...

I think I'm going to trade my secret occupation from finger puppet master to U-Tube "Me Singing" Girl.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah" by Usher