Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Photo Game By Myself

I am going to play a game with my kodakgallery.com pictures. I will pick a random album and then post that picture no matter what it is and tell you about it. (People tag each other with this game, I know, I know, but I just want to play by myself.)

Okay: Alphabetical listing, Fifth album, 17th picture

Well, that's a boring picture. No offense to Grandma and Derek, but why did I even take this picture? This is Christmas 2006. Derek looks about 12 years younger than he is now. I guess that's interesting, but I'm bored of that picture.

Try again.

Backwards alphabetical, 3rd Album, 20th picture

This is Katie playing in on the ice at Boulevard park. Snow storm 2006, after the Thankgiving snow bonanza. Fun fact about that picture: Katie bought those pants at Fred Meyer, wore them, and took them back.

That was better but not awesome. One more:

Listed by Date, 1st album, last picture.

This is Carolyn, Halloween 2007, with her pumpkin. She worked on this for a long time. If you look carefully, you can see "Starry Night" carved into her pumpkin. She was very proud, and also her pumpkin was way cooler than mine, which was lame.

That was moderately fun. More fun than when Ricky attacks my feet, but less fun than someone buying me a surprise bag of my favorite Doritos. (Name those Doritos for 1 friendship point.)

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Ashley said...


aka Cool Ranch Doritos

I get two points for double use of the name.

Friendship Winner of the Day!!!

~ Big AL