Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mucinex and Other Things

So I actually peed 8 or 9 times today. I woke up with SNIFFLY SNUFFLES in my nose and I said to myself:

I think I am sick. I hope this is not so.
If I am sick, this sickness has to go.

So later that day I took some Mucinex and you're supposed to drink a FULL GLASS of water with it. So I did. And then I drank some more water. And then an unending day of peeing ensued.

It was so inconvenient.

Also, today I had Bible Study. My Bible Study is the best of all the Bible Studies in the world. I like all the people in it. Also, we do cool things, like read 1 Samual and volunteer and pray together and go have a beer.

Oh, and one more thing I AM GOING TO THE ZOO ON SATURDAY.

OMG, (and this situation is exciting enough to warrant an OMG) I am so excited.

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Woman of Many Thoughts said...

I think peeing is very inconvenient. You have to stop everything you're doing to go to the bathroom. And it's not like we are boys and can just whip it out while standing. They don't even have to go to the bathroom. They can go on the side of a building, in the woods, next to a car, off the back porch. However, I am glad I am not a boy.