Friday, January 2, 2009


I've had a long week. You know what is boring? Licensing a childcare center. That's what I spent a lot of my week helping out with.

I rearranged my room.

I'm feeling boring right now and my blog post is reflecting it. Let's see if I can find a picture of boredom:

Okay that's a great one.

Oh, something that is NOT boring is my new iTouch. That is an iPod with a touch screen. I'm very enthused about it. And I have 15 dollars of an iTunes card to buy new songs for it with. What should I buy? Any suggestions?

Ricky peed in his carrier again today. I might sell him. He is now quarantined in the bathroom and meowing loudly but I'm mad at him so he's staying in there.

I had a piece of chocolate biscotti for breakfast. Not healthy, but delicious.

In conclusion, I look good in red. (name that reference!)


KJW said...

Homestar Runner. I used that closing, like, a month ago. You couldn't be any more desperate to be like me.

Anonymous said...

When you are dirty and smelly we don't lock you up. We know that Ricky bathes repeatedly all the time because he is a cat, but can we say the same about you...Let Ricky free!

Nicole Kristine said...

Dear Anonymous,

You clearly don't understand how rancid he smells when he pees on himself. Next time he does, I will mail him to you and then I want you to let him sit on your bed. And then see how you feel about my decisions.

Sincerely, Anonymous 2