Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts I Have Had

Here are some thoughts I have had today:

"Ricky is such a little boodle cat."

"I wish I could sleep in. Maybe I can. Am I sick? Yeah, I have a stomach ache. No. No I don't. What time is it? I have at least five more minutes."

"What is the name of this song?"

"WHY IS MY CAR PARKED SO FAR AWAY? This is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. I am writing a letter to the landlord and telling her to add more parking spots."

"I love Obama."

"I wonder where my red robe is."

"RCC is the best. It is actually the best."

"I am glad my mom is not a piece of biscotti."

"This lion rug is the softest thing in the whole world. I wish I had a shirt made out of this lion rug."


Rachel said...

"Dang Rachel is the pobably the funnest, most spiritually gifted, humble, stunning, hip, outgoing, neat, witty, smart, brave, street-talking, thought provoking, perfection personified, super fine person I have ever known."

You were talking to yourself earlier and I overheard you.

KJW said...

You know what's funny about Rachel's comment? Ol' blogger started it with "Rachel said..." Hahahahhahaha.

And Nic - I saw a map of Narnia in one of the classrooms on my school. Even though I don't know the language, I could guess what "Bever Dammer" is. I nearly took a picture for you. Perhaps I will try to sneak in later and steal it.

Nicole Kristine said...

YES STEAL IT. It doesn't count as a sin if you're in a foreign country.