Thursday, January 8, 2009


So far today, I have been a major dingus.

First, I overslept for my workout. VERY LAME. Especially because we didn't work out yesterday because of some texting miscommunication and my sleep disorder that makes it so I can't have coherant thoughts in the morning.

So then, I leap out of bed at the ripe bold time of 9:30am for my 10am meeting, shower super fast and then call my boss to verify the location of the meeting.

"Dingus," he says to me, "I sent you an email yesterday telling you the meeting was cancelled. Don't you check your email? You must live in lameland."

Today I do live in Lameland. I need to move out before I hit afternoon because I have lots of things I need to get done.

The only productive thing I have done so far today is found a glove to put on my hand for when I play with Ricky the Cat because he like "playful bites." It was very innovative.

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Carolyn said...

UM,hello? You did another productive thing: made plans with me. That is being productive alright.