Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Please leave a message for.... NICOLERADEN...." beep

Top 3 Voicemails I Have Ever Received
1) Jacson imitating a walrus-like man that spoke in a high pitched noise. It went on for a long time and featured a "Mi mi mi-mi-mi, mimi mi-mi mi" section. I saved that for a long time.

2) Today when I got a voicemail from Lynn that detailed how angry she was that I didn't answer my phone. It included the ways in which she was signifying that we were no longer friends (taking me off her written list of friends, ripping off her friendship bracelet that matches mine, turning a poem I wrote about my dog and framed for her around so it faces the wall, etc.) It was very creative.

3) Once, Rachel was being exceptionally annoying because she wouldn't stop singing "Part of That World" from the Little Mermaid over and over. I couldn't find my phone and so I asked her to call it and when I ran upstairs and found it, she stealthily left me a message that was her singing that song in a sneaky, creepy voice. I didn't discover the message until later. It was funny.

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