Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Nictionary - Terms #1-3

So, I make up a lot of words. And use them frequently. I would estimate that about 40% or what comes out of my mouth is in a Nicole dialect that is not understood by the masses. Thus, I would like to educate you so you can all understand me and spread these delightful terms.

1) Boodle Sandwich (n.): A term of endearment. Oh, what a little boodle sandwich you are.

2) Snack-a-doodle (n.): Snack-time, but with a promise of having fun. Okay, Ray of Hope campers, it's time to go to snack-a-doodle!

3) MomDot (n.): A time that is exclusively reserved for mother and daughter. Can be used alone or in the phrase "MomDot Time." Let's have MomDot this weekend.

1 comment:

D.I. Zzo said...

would DotMom work? like dot-com.

and how is "schmoodle" and its many variations, not among the first three entries.

i look forward to more defiNICtions.