Tuesday, November 17, 2009

G-mas and G-pas

I have a lot of grandparents. I am very lucky. That's the advantage to having young parents - you get grandparents longer. I believe I have a total of.... 7 living grandparents. And I get Christmas presents from all of them (except my mom's biological father, who I actually just met a few years ago and I don't actually know. I counted him in my total of 7 but he should really only be like a .5 because I don't think he knows my name.)

Also, I love my grandparents.

Also, when I was little my Grandma Margaret - I never called her Grandma Margaret, I just called her Grandma, but I have indicated her name here so you will know which Grandma I am talking about - my Grandma Margaret told me,

"Sometimes your grandfather snores so loud I have to make him go sleep out on the davenport."

Well, who even uses the word 'davenport'? I thought a davenport was a porch, and I thought my grandma was super mean to make him sleep on the porch just because he snored.

I thought this was true, I'm serious, until I was like 13. I was very relieved when I learned that 'davenport' meant 'couch' and not 'cold, windy porch.'

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Anonymous said...

My grandmother also called the couch a davenport. I also thought davenport? Is this a fishing town. But it quickly became apparent to me that it was the couch since she would say things like..."go sit on the davenport and watch TV". It took you to 13? Really? And you are way smarter than me. I know I am going on and on...but I just discovered your blog...and my mind is reeling with the possibilities. kisses