Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today I went to a Love and Logic Conference in Shoreline. IT WAS AWESOME. It was awesome mostly because Jim Fay HIMSELF was teaching it. Sure, 75% of you probably have no idea who he is BUT I DO.

He's only like Mr. Love and Logic. Like the inventor of it. For me, it was like I was surprised because a CELEBRITY was at what I thought would be just a mediocre conference.

Oh, no, Jim Fay himself, there, teaching. Here is a high-quality photograph:

So that's microscopic Jim Fay with the white hair in the middle. And the lady who's head is right in front me of is Totally Crazy Lady.

Totally Crazy Lady was the only not-great thing about my day with Jim Fay. TCL seemed to think that the conference was actually a conversation between herself and Jim Fay, and constantly responded when he asked rhetorical questions. Super loud. Inappropriate. I was worried Jim Fay would look up and think it was US that was being socially inappropriate. It wasn't. It was TCL.

But besides that, the day was AWESOME. Thanks, Jason T and Amy McMur, my new friend. Our day was both lovely and logical. Nice.

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KJW said...

I suspect that it was actually YOU responding to the rhetorical questions. Your answers bounced of TCL's head and made you think it was her. It is like you to answer those questions. It is.