Monday, November 23, 2009

Road Jail

So I missed my exit on the way home to Puyallup because I took I-5 all the way down instead of going my usual way. And also, because I was on the phone having a very intense conversation because I am a very intense person.

Anyway, I didn't realize I'd missed the exit until I was talking on the phone with my mom and she asked me where I was. She said, "You missed your exit, I think. Call your dad, he'll know."

Anyway, I called my dad but got a busy signal. Then I was panicking. I couldn't type in my destination to Carmen because I was driving. So, in my panic, I took the first exit I saw.

It just happened to be the Fort Lewis Exit. And that exit just happens to be like ROAD JAIL, aka the exit becomes a lane that takes you DIRECTLY to the place where they check you for your military ID. No pulling off to the side, no going to the other side of the street because it was like a fenced in road. I do not have a military ID and I don't want to go to Fort Lewis. But I had no choice.

So I pulled up to the station place.

"Um, hello. I do not want to come to Fort Lewis. I just wanted to turn around but I was trapped on the fenced road."

"Just a turn-around?"

"Um, yes please."


::5 different uniformed men run over to my car::

"Can we please have your license, ma'am?"

I get out my license. Are they arresting me? I feel like they are going to arrest me.

"Jerry'll have you turn around right up there. He will then return your license. Pull forward! Go! Jerry! Go!"

So I pulled up a little ways and Jerry STOPPED TRAFFIC so I could cross over and make a U-turn. He then returned my driver's license.

I was very startled by the entire experience. Stupid road jail.

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Ashley said...

THAT HAPPENED TO ME ONCE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I was in the car and my friend Jon was driving. He was just trying to find Subway. And then when he did his U-Turn he knocked over a cone.

Also, yes driving with a cell phone is a ticketable offense, but you need to be pulled over for something else. They actually can't pull you over just for driving while on your phone.