Saturday, November 28, 2009

My New Purpose

Instead of looking for a job, I have decided to devote myself completely to the task of turning my and Rachel's home into a Christmas Empire.

I will need to gather decorations, do some deep cleaning, and maybe paint the walls green and red. And put up Christmas lights. Bake Christmas things. Watch Christmas movies. Sing Rachel Christmas songs every night before she goes to bed.

Ricky will have to be dressed up, obviously. Should he be an elf or a reindeer?

I should've taken some Christmas decorations from my mom's house, she has like 2 million. Dang, why did I just think of this now?

I guess I could get some of my own. Yes, that's what I will do. I will purchase some quality Christmas decorations. Not that I don't own any already. I do own some. We had a Tacky Christmas party 3 years ago and I have all the decorations from that. So those will go up on the walls.

But I'll need more...


Ashley said...

Ricky should be Mrs. Claus

Cameron Garcia said...

Mary and I have some extra I am should talk to her this week and get some free Christmas decorations. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Ricky should be a Christmas tree ball ornament. Just look at him! Attach a hook on his head and outfit complete.