Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Pizza Box and Me

.... almost blew away to the Land of Oz walking into my house.

I was holding a pizza box and the wind caught us just right and WHOOSH. I stumbled backwards.

I could have DIED. I could have fallen backwards, hit my head on a
pumpkin, and passed out.

I am lucky to be alive. I will not take anything for granted anymore. My life flashed before my eyes in that wind gust.

I appreciate this Snuggie I am sitting in. You know who can't appreciate Snuggies? Dead people. People who die from big wind gusts.

So luckily, world, I lived. The pizza and I both survived, fully in tact.


Morgan said...

The graphics on your blog make me think of dittos passed out by 7th grade teachers who think that clip art is really cool and type everything in comic sans. I hate comic sans. It should be banned from public schools.

Also, I am glad you did not die. You would like Egypt so far. You should have come.

Anonymous said...

How do you know if the wind had picked you up something bad would have happened.... What if the wind had used your pizza box as an umbrella and lifted you to Narnia? or Jim Fays house for dinner so he could pick your brain for a new Nicole version of Love and Logic and you would have brought dinner to in your pizza box! Maybe the pumpkin would have cusihoned your fall and you would have then become a famous pumpkin pillow maker. Please in the future think more postitively or you will have to rename your blog Nicoles negative thought about negativity!