Saturday, November 8, 2008

This is why you do nice things

So I stopped by Jack and the Box to get lunch because it's my day off my eating plan. And I thought to myself, "My friend Carolyn would like a Pumpkin milkshake. I think I will get her one as a surprise because I am so nice."

So I ordered her a Pumpkin milkshake along with my "fajita pita" and came to the window, where the frazzled woman said, "Did you order Eggnog or Pumpkin for your milkshake?" I said Pumpkin and then she said,

"Well, we made this one eggnog on accident. We're just going to throw it away, so would you like to have this eggnog one too because it's your favorite flavor in the entire world and you haven't even had eggnog in a whole year and you salivate when you see it at the store but never buy it?"**

**wording may have been adjusted and added to

So I got an eggnog milkshake with my lunch and it was the best thing ever.

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Anonymous said...

goog things happen to good people!