Thursday, November 20, 2008

World Vision: AIDS Experience

I went with my Rebound friends to visit the AIDS experience at Western's campus. It was intense.

You get this little iPod shuffle and headphones and then a narrator walks you through the life of a child whose life is impacted by AIDS. My kid's name was Emmanuel. He was adorable.

So his mom and his dad both died from AIDS during the experience, and his older brother (who was nine) had to take care of him. BECAUSE! Oh, this part made me mad. The boys had an aunt and after their mom died, they trekked over to their aunt's house.

Well, pardon my language but this aunt was kind of a bitch. She took all of their stuff (!) except two blankets, a knife, and a pot and sent them away, saying they had the "evil illness." I was seriously, seriously upset.

But the good news is that Fred made Emmanuel a little banana hut and then they survived.

It was an awesome experience.

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