Friday, November 14, 2008

Possible Friends for Ricky the Cat

Noodle Cat:

Maru the Cat with an Addiction to Boxes:


Anonymous said...

I say we trade Ricky in for Noodles and the box-aholic.


KJW said...

Next year, I will be the boxaholic. Put boxes down, and I will soar into them, fat and fur squishing out the ends. Then I will splay my back legs like a frog.

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

I can't read your blog anymore while I'm at work. I laugh histerically and start to cry. My co-workers are thinking of sending me to the loony bin but I tell them it's my friend Nicole who makes me like this.

My favorite, of course, the Boxaholic. The best part...the fat cat and the box was for diet something. "I'll make it fit!"