Thursday, November 13, 2008


Doing boot camp with Cristina has had some fairly AWESOME results, including but not limited to:

  • My waist went from 37.75 inches to 30 inches - a difference of almost 8 inches! In just my waist!

  • For my whole body, I lost 16.5 inches.


  • Sit-ups in 1 minute went from 22 to 40 - a difference of 18

  • Push-ups in 1 minute went from 13 to 43 - a difference of 30


  • I lost a total of 10.8 pounds!
I have now decided to abandon my current career aspirations in order to become a professional athlete. Just kidding.

But I could.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! What great results! You probably have twice as much energy as well. You go girl.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious by your results that your genetics are superior to all others! Vancouver here you come!

Carolyn said...

Hello! Where's your before and after pic? Make 'em good.

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Dude, I wouldn't want to loose 16.5 inches off my whole body. I'm already short...5'3" would go down to under 4"! You crazy! The next time I see you you'll be a little person!!! Literally! TLC will make a show about you.

Man of Many Thoughts said...

Nice job Nicolee Olee Olee. Now you can have more pie on Turkey Day!