Monday, November 17, 2008

Only 22 hours....

...until the next Biggest Loser episode is on.

I can't describe in words how much I love this show. Ron understands. Ron and I call each other after we watch it because we are so excited.

It inspires me, it makes me laugh, it makes me furious, it makes me joyful, it's the best thing ever.

For example, last week when the show started I felt EXCITED when it began because the opening song is awesome. Then I felt DISGUSTED when the mean Blue Team was happy that Phil had been sent home. Then I was SURPRISED that all the players who had been voted off came back! Then I was ANGRY that Icky Vicky made a mean comment about Phil. Then I was NERVOUS about the challege because Heba's husband was winning.... and then UPSET because he won! She show ended with me feeling VICTORIOUS because Amy voted off Icky Vicky's husband...yes!

So all in all, if you're not watching the Biggest Loser, YOU'RE a loser.


Anonymous said...

So what have you done today to make you feel proud? I cant stand icky vicki. I hope her and Heba are the next two voted off. Oh, and I believe Phil will come back and win the 100K at the final weigh in!! In your face icky vicki. I think I just surprised myself at how into this show I really am.


Anonymous said...

I hate vicky. Not in a "go to hell" way, but in a middle school way that she treats phil.

Now I hate Amy. She gave into peer pressure. Should have done what she had to. Ugh.


tim said...

i concur. amy is weak.