Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Dress-up Dinner Fun

Here are some pictures from the Bible Study Bitches (my Bible study) Thanksgiving dinner.

Carolyn was mashed potatoes.

I was a pilgrim.

Here are all my friends. I love them a lot. Especially I love pilgrim hats. Also, look at Rachel.


Anonymous said...

Rachel looks less like a pilgrim and more like a leperchon.


flanhoodles said...

are you obsessed with rachel? all you do is blog about rachel?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Your bible study bitches are HOT!! Makes me want to study the bible.

ronpai2 said...

thank you for inviting me to thanksgiving with the BSB's. It was the second place highlight of my evening!

Carolyn said...

Second place highlight Ron? Psh. It should be number one. I was mashed potatoes!

D.I. Zzo said...

You know the dance, "The Mashed Potato"? You should. it's similar to Nicole's "Copy Me Exactly" routine.