Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bumpit

Lynn and I have never enjoyed "tall bangs." Or when it looks like there is a wave on the top of someone's head.

Tall hair. High fashion. Silliness.

Well, I was watching my new favorite tv station "The N" which is a whole station devoted to "teenage" shows (like Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell). There was in infomercial on for the "Bumpit."

Something to intentionally make your hair tall.

I'm buying it for Lynn for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Reminder---- PAY YOUR TICKET!!

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Will you get one for me too?

tim said...

dude, seriously? wow. and I don't mean that in a good way.

Jodi Christ Superstar said...

Bump bump bump it up ~ B - U - M - P bumpt it up ... keep, keep, keep it up, keep that tall bang spirit up.

That was for your cheerleader roots Nicole.

Also, Lynn doesn't celebrate Christmas so don't get her one ... GET ME ONE!

And, Lynn doesn't have enough hair for a Bump It so don't get her one ... GET ME ONE!

flanhoodles said...

Jodi wants tall bangs! Jodi wants tall bangs! First she gets boots with the fur, then a tiny dog, now she wants tall bangs. Pretty soon she's going to be taking hip hop dance classes and snapping all over the place.

Carolyn said...

What happened to game show network being your favorite station?