Friday, November 14, 2008

Parking. Rage. The story.

So, I often feel rage when I come home to my apartment complex. Why? Because our parking is awful. Each apartment/townhouse only has one assigned spot and each apartment/townhouse tenant has 2 cars. (Well, most, I assume). There are like 6 extra spots, but they are always ALWAYS taken.

So I often have to park on the road outside our apartment complex, which is cold and windy and annoying. And it incites rage.
Well, I thought THAT was bad.

We got a notice last week that they were doing some "parking lot repairs" and that NO ONE in our apartments were going to be able to park in the parking lot AT ALL from Thursday until Sunday night. 4 DAYS. We ALL had to park on the road.

So I thought that would be pretty annoying, but at least I was prepared.


I came home last night at about 9pm, and then I tried to find a parking spot on the street. Something I obviously didn't realize is that 25,000 people and their cars must live in our apartment complex, because on all of 32nd street there was NOT ONE AVAILABLE SPOT. I could park anywhere along the road and it was absolutely 100% solidly lined with vehicles.

After driving up and down the entire mile of a road for 10 minutes, I finally found 1/2 a spot. Meaning one half was available, legit sidewalk parking and the other half was yellow-lined, no parking zone.

I had no choice! I had to allow half of Speedy Wheels to break the law. I had to chance the ticket.

Also, I had to walk about 7 blocks to get to my house. I had to walk past 4 apartment complexes. Not apartment buildings, complexes. It took like an hour. (or 8 minutes)
And 2 different cars with creepy men driving them honked and yelled at me as I was walking along the sidewalk.

All in all, a very enraging experience.


Man of Many Thoughts said...

You know, you might just like having people honk at you...especially after the 40 on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I dont think i would take the risk of getting a ticket if i were you. Your track record is definitely not very lucky in that area. Maybe you should move to a place that has parking for its tenents. Just a thought.

ronpai2 said...