Tuesday, November 11, 2008

List of the Day November 11th

What I Like About Hooded Sweatshirts
  1. They are warm

  2. They are cozy

  3. There is rarely a time in Washington State when you can't wear them

  4. You can have them printed with things you like on them, like "Readers Make Better Lovers" or "Ricky's Mom"

  5. Kelly Walden wore them as a daily uniform from 9th - 11th grade

  6. They keep out the cold

  7. When they are new, they are fluffy on the inside

  8. I look awesome when I wear them


KJW said...

I am wearing our BL one RIGHT NOW.

Nicole Kristine said...


Anonymous said...

Im wearing my disney hooded sweatshirt today as well. Why are you up soooo early in the morning??


Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Great question! In Sarah Palin's case, her position for Governor was not up for re-election yet, so she gets to go back to being Governor. Same with Johnnie boy, he gets to go back to his Arizona Senate seat. In Biden's case, he ran for both Senate and VP so the Governor of Delleware gets to appoint a new Senator because Biden is now going to be VP. Basically, if you decide to run for a higher office, run for both the seat you are at, if you haven't maxed out your time yet, and the higher office at the same time. Hopefully you'll get one or the other.